Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pictures of My eBay Chinese MPPT 15 Solar Charge Controller

So I finally got my Chinese MPPT 15 Solar Charge controller. It powers up and looks okay. I opened up the case to get a closer look inside and also took some high resolution pictures of the guts of it. I came across a few videos on YouTube that showed why these are not true MPPT controllers. One guy did say that it could function partially as an MPPT controller but I will do some testing against my Chinese PWM charge controller as well. There is a black box component with "Wellsee MPPT" on it but I think that is just a relay and not a true Wellsee component. Take a look:

MPPT 15 Front View

MPPT 15 Back View

MPPT 15 Board View

MPPT 15 Board View- Close

MPPT 15 Bord View - Top

MPPT 15 ISO View

MPPT 15 Side View

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