Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chinese MPPT 15 Solar Charge Controller Set Up and Working

So I finally got my new eBay MPPT 15 solar charge controller going today and charging a battery. I did read some not very good reviews on these Chinese version of an MPPT controller and I am pretty sure those other reviews are right. I think my Chinese PWM controller works better than the MPPT 15 but I need to do some additional testing before I stick by that statement. It kept a close on the output voltage of the MPPt 15 controller today and saw that is slowly rose only up to 13.10 volts even though my panels were putting out 20 volts easily in direct sunlight. As I mentioned before I need to purchase some shunt resistors so I can accurately measure current outputs as well. Here are pictures of my simple MPPT 15 set-up. I have it attached to a small project box where I can connect fuses and an On-Off switch to the controller. I also am again using and IEC computer power input and my solar panel connector. Check it out:

MPPT 15 Solar Charge Controller

MPPT 15 Solar Charge Controller-Close Up


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  2. I have a question please.
    I have the same unit which came as a packaged deal with 140W Panels.
    I tried to connect some load to the load pis of the unit.
    The picture shows you are not using these, on the far RHS with a LAMP symbol.
    Because there was no paperwork I simply assumed this is where my appliances plug into yes?
    I am trying to power an Engel but the unit goes into a chatter mode if I attempt to connect it to this connector.
    Plgged directly into the battery the Engel is fine.

    1. Hi,

      Sorry about the delayed response. I was busy with the holidays and new year. I would only use the load connection on the charge controller for very low current items. Anything that requires higher current should go be used directly off of the battery with the proper fusing of course. I am not sure what an Engel is but it is drawing too much current from the charge controller. The output of the load connection is limited to the max current rating of the controller which is maybe 6 - 10 amps. Hope this helps

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